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Smarter Conferencing, Effective Teamwork

Clouder is a conferencing facility that packs a punch!

 Easy to integrate into your business and stocked full of powerful features and tools, Clouder seeks to improve the conferencing experience and help your business to thrive. The ultimate smart conferencing platform.

Why Clouder? 

Clouder seeks to make conferencing a stress-free comfortable experience with it's easy to manage web portal. You can monitor and keep track of your calls and interactions, create and manage conference rooms securely. Clouder Smart Conference records calls which are stored safely and can be easily accessed through our playback feature.

Easy to use web portal
MiFID II compliant
Local Dial-in numbers to access your conference rooms from anywhere in the world
Call recording and playback for all devices
Clouder can be directly connected to your platform as part of an all-inclusive unified communication system.

What's the deal with Conferencing, anyway?

With over 60 per cent of businesses using dial-in to join their calls, traditional dial-in conferencing is still the preferred method of group communication. 


Dial-in conferencing can be impractical to those that need rapid communication and does not always provide a seamless experience. Despite its faults, it is still the go-to form of communication as it is familiar to most users

Traditional or SMART conferencing? The choice is yours.

Clouder can be used as a traditional conferencing platform with an option to dial in with a pin or you can activate SMART conferencing for faster access. SMART conferencing allows the designated conference leader to initiate a conference and dial in conference attendees. 

Manage your conferences with the Clouder Web Portal.

Create conference rooms
Allocate user roles
Monitor active conferences
Manage conference room settings
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Call Recording for Finance Sector

Clouder helps businesses in the financial sector comply with MiFID II, GDPR and other regulations.  Clouder is fully auditable, easily accessible and provides a secure storage platform for data retention.

Call Recording

Call recording is at the network level, so there's no need to worry about additional plugins or complicated applications

Reviewing your recordings has never been easier

Clouder’s Playback feature allows you to manage, review and store your calls in the cloud for up to three days. Users can manage their call recordings through the Clouder web portal.

If users wish to store a recording, they can simply select the recording they wish to save and it will be stored in the cloud. 

For companies that need to retain their recording for auditing purposes, Clouder’s Reserve feature allows for recording to be stored up to 7 years. Recording in the Reserve can only be removed by an administrator

Need tighter security?

For businesses requiring extra assurance that their data is secure and that their user credentials cannot be stolen, we have our Secure Cloudlink add-on.


Secure Cloudlink removes the need for passwords; keeping your private recordings safe and secure.  To find out more about adding this feature to your package, please contact one of our sales representatives.


Organisational Peace of Mind

Clouder Intelligence is more than just a tool to help businesses organise their call interactions, it is a combination of analytic SMART tools that help to track and maintain your call recording database. 

Track Keywords

Set Clouder Intelligence to identify and track specific phrases and words within a recording. Use keywords to help organise your call recordings. 

SMART Search

Find your recordings easily with Clouder's intelligent search. Add tags and comments to your calls to categorise your audio with specific information.

Clouder Features
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