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Solutions to gather intelligence for lawful acquisition, interpretation, and retention of data

As an established enterprise working within the covert and tactical intelligence arena, we are able to provide you with the tools you need.

We facilitate early threat identification with a product suite of bespoke short-range tactical intelligence-gathering systems. The systems supplied to government agencies retain crucial data for mitigating threats.
Security and law enforcement agencies have a fundamental need to lawfully acquire and interpret information regarding increasingly sophisticated threats that exploit weaknesses within all types of electronic communications networks, including voice and data.

Search And Rescue

​Accurately identify and interact with the handsets of the individual or people in need. Our technology is capable of functioning in areas with low or no local network coverage. 

TSCM Equipment - 9 Series

TSCM Equipment | 9 Series

GOS is a UK telecoms company dedicated to providing secure TSCM solutions and telecom solutions to law enforcement and other government agencies.

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