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Smart Alarm System
9 Series

4th Generation Fully Integrated Cellular Device Identification System

What Our Clients Say

Selective Network Diversion

About The Product

• A new generation of fully integrated cellular device identification systems, with the “Grab & Go” design for rapid, simple, and targeted field use.

• Utilising our patented Selective Network Diversion (SND) technology, the 9 Series is a breakthrough in simultaneous network coverage, ease of deployment, system size, and value.

• The LIMA-G system provides full IMSI and IMEI information on suspect devices for government users. Lima–C provides the same system, but without capturing the IMSI information, for approved commercial TSCM entities.

• Our SND technology allows users to rapidly capture GSM-capable devices irrespective of network carrier or access technologies (GSM, UMTS, 4G/LTE, and 5G NR), without the need for time-consuming network analysis.

• With our user-friendly software GUI, users can operate the system quickly and simply - providing clear results for actionable intelligence.

GOS is a UK company dedicated to providing secure TSCM solutions and telecom solutions to law enforcement and other government agencies.


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