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Privacy Policy

GOS SYSTEMS is committed to keeping your data secure. We ensure that all aspects of data collection and storage is compliant with law and regulation.  

The type of information we collect.
We collect and store any information that had been submitting to our website. The type of information we may obtain, and store includes, Internet protocol (IP) addresses used to access our site and connect your device or computer to the internet, connection information.  We may collect, login details, such as email, passwords.  
If you purchase products and services form us, we may collect and store your credit, debit card or bank details for payments or accounts you may hold with us. Your payment details are managed by third-party processors that will process your transactions with us.  
This website uses data analysis tools to collect session information and may measure, page response times, page interaction and response times, and the length of time spent on each page.  We may also collect personal information submitted to the website, including name, date of birth, email addresses, contact numbers and any other personal details you provide us.  We may also collect information you might give us when making an enquiry over the telephone with one of our team members. We may store information about you if you visit us at any exhibitions GOS SYSTEMS attends.    
Web Technologies and Cookies 
blog. Please be aware that this website uses cookies to keep track of visitors’ interaction with our site. 
We may use cookies, pixel tags, and other web technologies that collect information about visitors to our site automatically for analysis purposes. These web technologies place small data files on your computer or mobile devices to allow us to retain specific pieces of data when you interact with our website. 

Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer or device when you access our services and website by a web server. Cookies allow us to identify when a visitor log in to our services or when you visit our site. They may track how you interact with our website and may monitor the traffic to our website and the usage. These help us to optimise our services. If you select ‘accept’ cookies, then you agree to allow our site to place cookies on your computer. Most widely used web browser agree to use cookies on your computer automatically, however, is if this is something you wish to change then, you may change your browser settings to prompt you when accepting cookies.  

Social Media Platforms
Through our website, you may be able to access and interact with social media platforms and other web platforms that may also require cookies. You may have already accessed these various platforms, thus, already having cookies enabled on your devices, but you should be aware that these websites may request to place cookies on your device; we are unable to control the uses of these cookies and your personal information when interacting with these platforms. 
Other web technologies we may use:

Social Media Widgets
Pixels/ Web Bugs
Analytics tools – Google Analytics.
For more information about this third-party policy, please visit privacy/partners/
To opt out of Google processing your data

How these web technologies are used:

-    To Help with the necessary operation on our site
-    To help improve the performance of our site and understand how our visitor uses our website and services. 
-    To help with the function of the website – Logging into our services or tracking your preferences. 

These data collection tools are automated.
Location Information
We may have to collect data on where you are located when accessing our website.  By using your IP address, we can make an approximate geo-location or by accessing your computer’s or device’s coordinated when location services are enabled. 
How we collect our information
 When you contact our team through our contact page, the information you provide, such as but not limited to, name, telephone number, email addresses and is forwarded internally to a member of our team.  Your personal information is used for the specific purposes of communicating with you directly and providing you with our services. Should we require to use your information for any other reason, you will be contacted for explicit consent. We will not forward or sent your information to any third party without your prior permission. 

How your information is used and why we collect your personal information.
We collect a variety of data to help improve the services we provide you. We may obtain your information to:
-    To provide and operate our services
-    To fulfil a payment request or transactions.
-    To create, monitor and analyse non-personal and other aggregated data. 
-    To improve services, or to provide insight into how our online services are operating. 
-    To ensure we are compliant and update to date with UK Law and Regulations on data protection
-    For complaint and dispute management. 
-    To process job applications, or, partnership agreements. 
-    For licencing management. 
-    To fulfil, follow-up with enquiries
Who has access to this information
We take to protect your privacy and personal data seriously.  Only the relevant GOS Team has access to your information. We ensure that no information is shared with third parties
Personal information storage
We are obligated by law to hold some types of information to fulfil our statutory commitments. We regularly review the information that we store, to ensure that information kept for the period necessary for its intended purpose.
We may use information provided to us to send you updates and information on our products and services. We require yourexplicit consent to send you any marketing materials; these materials may include: -
-    Newsletters Offers and advertisements, -    Information on our services -    Updates on Exhibitions we are attending  -    Email Subscriptions
We will discontinue contacting you regarding our products and services once you have opted out via email or over the telephone. 
Managing your data.  
 You have the right to update or access any data we hold for you upon proof of ID at any time. You can submit a request for information to our team via our contact page or email:
We will not send you any information without your consent, and you can cancel any subscriptions to updates, or newsletters at any time by contacting one of our team via email or telephone. 
Ensuring your information is secure
All information we receive is deemed confidential, and we take the necessary precautions to ensure that your data is protected. Any sensitive data that you provide us is protected with encrypted software, to prevent unauthorised and illegal access to your data. Our website is https secure with an SSL certificate, and our systems are compliant with Information Security Management ISO 27001:2013 accreditation. 
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