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Our certified TSCM engineers utilize best-in-class equipment to provide you with a safe environment to conduct business globally. 

Through constant training, research, and development we utilise the latest technology, techniques, and industry best practices to sweep areas from small offices to super yachts. Our engineers have decades of experience in all environments.

With GOS Systems' own cellular network analysing technology we are able to counter all the way up to the latest 5G threats. Our experience, technology, and results set us apart.

TSCM Engineer


We advise and support government and corporate organisations in the procurement of appropriate TSCM equipment that will support their countermeasures strategy.

We’ll take time to understand your requirements and suggest an appropriate selection of equipment that will suit your needs, your skills level, and your budget

GOS is a UK telecoms company dedicated to providing secure TSCM solutions and telecom solutions to law enforcement and other government agencies.

To find out more or talk to customer references:

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