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Integrate voice solutions into your services seamlessly.  

With GOS Voice, we are offering you access to our amazing voice features, helping you to create intelligent voice solutions. UK operator with our own highly effective and dependable infrastructure and in-house telephony services.

We are a global telecommunications carrier, delivering specialised telecommunication services to government agencies and commercial entities.   

 We utilise both traditional telephony and an IP network, specialising in providing secure communications and identity management solutions; delivering innovative and exciting products from our tier 1 platform.  

Providing flexibility, without compromising security or functionality.

Number Management

GOS customers can generate  UK numbers automatically. The number is created immediately and ready for use.

Multiple Numbers on 1 device

With one centralised number, you can make calls from any of your devices, without worrying about giving out your personal numbers. A ConstantConnect sim will only present the number you want it to.


When connecting to the GOS Platform, there is no need to change your existing numbers. Your numbers can be ported onto our network; making setting up quick and easy – with no risk of losing your contacts.

Dynamic Routing

Numbers can be configured to ‘dynamic routing’ using an API. This causes an API message to be sent to your system when a call is made (in either direction). Without intercepting the call path itself, the API can be used to instruct the GOS core network on what to do with the call. 

Call Recording

When recording of calls and SMS messages is required, We can record this data. If the user is working for a large corporation and is using a ‘tethered’ CC SIM, then the HQ may be able to record this data. For smaller companies, the call recording can be enabled for this facility on any number switched by GOS, geographic, non-geographic, mobile, premium, free phone.


We offer cloud voicemail services that can be applied to any number or SIM provisioned on the GOS network. Voicemail can be applied via the Dynamic Routing feature if a callee was busy or unavailable.

Number Porting

It is possible to port numbers from other networks. This includes:

All UK number

All USA numbers

All Canadian numbers

Some EU numbers

Some Australian numbers 

Once ported in, all GOS Voice features can be applied to the number.

GOS is a UK telecoms company dedicated to providing secure TSCM solutions and telecom solutions to law enforcement and other government agencies.

To find out more or talk to customer references:

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