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With our tier 1 infrastructure and in-house telephony services, we set the standard; providing our customers with the highest network services and coverage. 


GOS SYSTEMS is a dependable network provider with existing and proven technologies. We can provide our customers with the tools necessary to create solutions to meet their growing needs. All solutions are hosted within our core infrastructure, and data is securely stored, thereby, reducing the risk of a security compromise across voice and data applications.

Providing flexibility, without compromising security or functionality.

Secure Communication

Helping to keep businesses connected around the world.


With our unique services, you can keep connected anywhere in the world, without compromising on network quality. 

Stay Connected, Anywhere.


Build your own tailored solutions with API

By connecting to our core network infrastructure, users can build tailored applications for:

  • Numbering

  • Voice Routing

  • Call Recording

  • Mass broadcast messaging

API Cababilities

OnCall &


Specialist innovative voice communication and targeted mass communication

Providing customers with bespoke communication solutions to integrate seamlessly into their existing infrastructure. 

Integrated Voice Solutions

Integrated Voice Solutions


We have over 100 years of combined technical and commercial experience in telecommunications, working with customers across multiple


  • Channel Partners

  • Government

  • Business

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We are a global telecommunications carrier, delivering specialised telecommunication services to  government agencies and commercial entities.   

 We utilise both traditional telephony and an IP network, specialising in providing secure communications and identity management solutions; delivering innovative and exciting products from our tier 1 platform.  

About GOS Systems
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