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An essential tool for round-the-clock operational teams, ensuring clarity and accountability to on-call environments.

Manage all OnCall personnel with ease

Our system holds records of all the on-call personnel; easily visible at any one time. It is easy for on-call personnel to register with SmartOnCall and even easier to contact them individually, or to bring all of them together in a conference instantly.

Advance Scheduling

Team members can call in remotely and assign themselves to an on-call role or an advance schedule can be uploaded, preventing conflicting schedules and enhancing organisation.

Efficient Collaboration and team management

As a messaging tool, it provides the missing link where teams, often geographically dispersed, seek clarity on on-call staff. It’s an innovative, rapidly deployable solution that makes the most of traditional technology - namely, the phone.


Through an attractive, intuitive web interface you can use voice, SMS and email to deliver messages to any number of individuals such as your customers, board members and other employees. Supports high volume messaging that can be delivered to all, or segments of, your customer base.

Remote access with an easy to use Web-Interface

OnCall management can be accessed online, making updating schedules easy, there is no need for system integration

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