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Boost your Business Potential 
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Connect to the GOS Platform to harness our powerful voice and sms features. Create your own tailored packages to help you realise your business potential. 
You will be able to monitor all calls going out from your mobile number and even answer calls made to your desk phone. Making working remotely simple.


Cloud PBX suppliers using the ConstantConnect Go services will be able to offer their customers, the ability to monitor and control all calls and texts  to and from their mobile device. Make working remotely simple.

Never Miss a Call
With one centralised number, you can make calls from any of your devices, without worrying about giving out your personal numbers. A ConstantConnect sim will only present the number you want it to.


When connecting to the GOS Platform, there is no need to change your existing numbers. Your numbers can be ported on to our network; making setting up quick and easy – with no risk of losing your contacts.

Multiple numbers on one device
Voicemail and Voice Routing made easy – you can apply voicemail options and voice routing services directly to your mobile or additional SIP devices.
Voicemail and Voice Routing made easy
If you or your business need to record calls for security purposes, you can. All calls are recorded centrally for every device, including your mobile handset.
You can transfer calls from your mobile  device to other colleagues. Other services like conferencing are easily set up. 
ConstantConnect does not require any mobile SIP application downloads. So, you will be up and running as soon as you insert the CC sim into your handset. Without  the need for SIP mobile applications, your mobile battery life will be improved. All call will be routed at network level.

No more complicated SIP applications

Find out more about API

Learn how to enhance your business with our API capabilities.. 

Integrated Voice Solutions 

Find out how to integrate voice solutions into your services seamlessly and enhance your products

Choose your International roaming plan 


Enhance your business' connectivity with our international business mobile packages. 


Make ConstantConnect your go-to travel essential. 

Stay Connected, anywhere for less.

Mobile Recording 

Your trusted solution to  in-network voice recording. 

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