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Covert Communications

Who can benefit from this?

Units providing compliant informant protection.

Counter Terrorism units dealing with national or international informants who require national or international phone numbers.

Undercover operations that require protection when contacting police or agency colleagues.

Local authorities interact with the public as informants for matters such as benefits fraud, local crime and other case leads.


Protects the identities of OFFICERS and ASSETS. It does this by applying an anonymous ‘front’ number in place of the actual mobile phone number when making or receiving a call. You can have more than one front number so you can employ multiple caller IDs if needed.

The front number can be a geographical number that points to a location where you may not be. Alternatively, using mobile or non-geographical numbers will give no indication as to your location. Numbers are never recycled and can be closed down in an instant.

Accounts in the system can be set to ‘direct contact’ where the ASSET call is sent through to the officer (optionally cascading to one or more co-officers if the first officer is unavailable), or ‘indirect contact’ where the ASSET is put straight through to voicemail. In this case, an SMS alert is sent to the officer to inform him a message is waiting to be collected—to ensure that the voicemail is collected further messages can be sent to the co-officer and controller.


- Protects the identity of officer and ASSET.

- Reduces the risk of compromise by allocating each ASSET a unique ‘front’ number.

- Manage multiple ASSET from a single handset.

- The service uses your existing mobile phone, no need for a new contract or mobile.

- Cascading calls and notifications ensure messages do not get missed.

- Ability to send and receive images.

- Inbuilt scheduling application.

- The service is easily managed from a secure Manager terminal

- Calls can be recorded directly by the system, with no need for external devices or apps.


The text solution allows you to send and receive text messages, files, and images while still protecting the identities of both parties and maintaining the same guaranteed delivery offered by our voice messages solution.


With the text solution, when account routing is changed texts are forwarded as well as voice calls, unlike standard call forwarding from mobiles. We also offer ‘anonymous’ text messages, which can appear to come from generic entities such as large corporations.

The whole system is managed by a secure terminal either located at your premises or via a dedicated VPN which gives you full control over all your services such as front numbers, accounts, alerts, and voicemail settings.


The Covert Communication Manager also gives full access to call records and any call recordings made via the system.

Screenshot 2023-06-23 at 20.07.40.png

This service is completely independent of the phone handset being used - it does not require the use of an alternative sim card, it will work as well on an old Nokia as it will on the latest iPhone, and there is no need to take out or transfer mobile contracts. Because all the calls made by the officer are masked by the service, the true identity of the caller remains hidden, eradicating the need to use a ‘covert’ handset.

GOS is a UK telecoms company dedicated to providing secure voice and data and TSCM solutions to UK police forces and other government agencies.

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